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trash talk

There’s no better way to reduce the amount of trash and waste we create by recycling - it’s easy!

You can start recycling by separating trash like glass, paper and plastics into separate recycling bins. Your local council may even provide you with a special bin to put these materials in to. Then, you can either leave these bins out for the council to collect on local rubbish collection nights - or you can take these materials to special recycling centres. Either way, whatever you recycle will be sorted and processed to one day be re-used.

Glass can be re-melted and molded into new jars, windows and bottles. Paper can be washed, pressed and re-cut and used as cardboard, newspaper and more. In fact, paper can be recycled up to nearly five times before it can’t be used anymore! And plastic will be recycled by being sorted, cleaned, then melted and shredded into new plastic pellets that can be re-molded into new plastic products.

So recycle as much as you can and your trash can be turned into something new!